One Click Webcam Classroom


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The worlds FIRST cloud-based webcam platform built specifically for music lessons!

- HD Audio / HD Video
- Near Zero Latency
- Speech & Text Language Translator
- Graphic Voice Pitch Detector 
- Chord & Scale Generator 
- One Click Recording
- IM Chat & File Sharing
- Audio Instrument Tuner 
- Interactive Metronome

The Taylor Robinson Music “One-Click Web Classroom" is the FIRST EVER cloud-based webcam platform made specifically for music lessons. It's extremely powerful and easy-to-use. With just one click, you'll see and hear both you and your student immediately. Just...

    1. 1. Click the "Enter Webcam Classroom" button below (using a CHROME browser)
    2. 2. Click "Allow"

We've also included innovative tools like built-in graphic voice pitch detectors, digital instrument tuners, metronomes, chord chart and scale generators, file sharing, chat, and recording functions. We've even included a translator. This means that four users can all speak different languages yet hear and read the responses in their own. Best of all, it works right in your browser which means no software to download!

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