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Getting New Students

  • We deliver fully paid students to you.
  • You're more likely to get students if your profile is robust and up-to-date.
  • You must accept new students within 48 hours (you will be notified).

Talking with Potential Students

Before students book lessons, they can send you questions. Please respond within 72 hours using your email or the TakeLessons app.

Before the student books with you, please refrain from:

  • Sharing contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, or links)
  • Setting up in-person meetings or video chats
  • Accepting payments

After the student books lessons, you are free to communicate however you want.

Getting Paid

  • You set your own prices and get paid weekly.
  • Your pay increases as you teach more — up to 90% of the lesson price!
  • We handle all lesson payments for all TakeLessons students.
  • To get paid, you must have access to a domestic U.S. bank account; be at least 18 years old; and have a valid U.S. Social Security number or Personal Tax ID Number.

What do you teach?

Where do you teach it?

You’ll provide details for each location in the following steps. Your specific address won’t be displayed publicly anywhere.

What’s your teaching address?

Your exact location will not be displayed publicly and will be kept private from new students. Only you will give that out.

Location name:

How far can you travel?

Students will be able to book lessons with you at their homes as long as it’s located within your travel radius. Keep in mind that student pay $5 extra for in home service so set your travel radius accordingly.

How online lessons work

The Taylor Robinson Music “One click” Classroom is our online education platfor designed to help you create an incredibl learning experience for your students. The “one click” classroom is powerful, yet easy to use. It works right in your browser and requires on software to download.

When can you teach?

Days Start Time End Time

Tell us (and your students) about yourself.

Want more help? Try a template.

Because you teach kids.

You’ll need to pass a basic background check

Did you know 97% of parents said safety was most important when it comes to selecting a teacher for their kid? A background check gives parents peace of mind when booking lessons with you.

Once you pass your background check, you’ll be eligible to accept new students under the age of 18 and you’ll receive a special TRMC Certified Badge to help you stand out in search results. Hey Guys, Thanks again for teaching with Taylor Robinson Music!

Your background check includes:

  • Address and identity verification
  • National, state, and county criminal records search
  • Sex offender registry search

Your background check will be processed securely through ADP, is valid for 12 months, and is paid for in full by Taylor Robinson Music.

Good call! Parents will love you.

Please sign the contract below allowing Taylor Robinson Music to run your criminal background check.

Let’s talk about your instrument lessons.

Show us your smile.

Your photo is the first impression a student has of you. Having a friendly photo means that student will be more likely to check out your profile. Consier using your photo on Linkedin, Facebook or from your personal website.

Must be a .jpg or .png , max file size: 8mp

There is a fine line between awesome (picture) awkward (picture)

Want to stand out?

  • Use a friendly, smiling headshot
  • Avoid awkward cropping. You should look fully clothed at all times
  • Don’t get artsy with filters or angels, students just want to see your face
  • Unless your pet can teach lessons, don’t put them in your picture

Now let’s make your profile REALLY shine

Profiles with multiple pictures and a video get selected 75% more often then those with just a single picture.

Add more pictures

Must be a .jpg or .png , max file size: 8mp.

Must be a .jpg or .png , max file size: 8mp.

Must be a .jpg or .png , max file size: 8mp.

Must be a .jpg or .png , max file size: 8mp.

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